There are .msg files in the POPcon folder with undistributed emails left after we solved an Exchange problem. How can we redistribute them?

One word about .msg files in the c:\program files\POPcon folder: A .msg file contains an email that was downloaded by POPcon and stored in that file until it gets distributed to your Exchange Server. These files are in simple text format. You can view them with notepad or any other text editor.

POPcon does not leave .msg files in the folder for long - after distributing them to Exchange the files are deleted at the end of each mail cycle. If you notice any buildup of .msg files in the folder there must be an error during the transfer to Exchange. Please check the POPcon log file (C:\Program Files(x86)\POPcon\POPconSrv.log – open with notepad) for error messages and resolve those.

You can flush POPcon's queue from unwanted messages by moving the .msg files away from the POPcon program folder. POPcon removes the corresponding message from it's queue when the message file is removed from the folder.

If you want POPcon to redistribute .msg files that where moved out of the POPcon program folder again you can do this by moving the files into the PICKUP folder (inside the POPcon program folder). POPcon picks up any .msg files found in the PICKUP folder during the next mail cycle and will attempt delivery to Exchange again.