POPcon does not install on my machine. What can I do?

We use InstallShield to create the installers for our software. The generated installers are excellent but on some machines with special software or hardware configurations they still fail sometimes. In these cases you can install POPcon on another machine and then transfer it to your target machine by following this procedure:

  1. Install POPcon on some other temporary machine in your network
  2. Copy over the folder C:\Program Files\POPcon to your target machine
  3. Uninstall POPcon from the temporary machine
  4. Start C:\Program Files\POPcon\POPconSrv.exe on the target machine
  5. Choose "Install and start service"
  6. Exit POPconSrv.exe
  7. Start POPconAdmin.exe and configure POPcon
  8. Create a shortcut to POPconAdmin.exe somewhere in your start menu or wherever convenient.