The distribution of incoming emails from a mailing list does not work correctly. What can I do?

The handling of mailing list emails is an inherent problem with multidrop/catch-all/domain-wide POP3 accounts. It is actually not a problem of POPcon specifically.

Many mailing lists do not display the recipient email address in the TO: header field and under some circumstances (mail servers in between and their configuration) the target email address information is completely stripped from emails when they arrive at the pop3 connector (such as POPcon). Under such circumstances it is not possible for any pop3 connector to distribute the email correctly. About the only thing that can be done about this is to switch to individual POP3 mailboxes for each users.

Fortunately with many ISP email servers though, the original recipient information is kept in a special mail header field and we might be able to suggest a special POPcon configuration or even change POPcon to find the information in these cases. We did so successfully many times in the past. Please send us a copy of a sample email header from one of these problematic emails (Outlook: View-Options) and we will see what we can do.