The new version 3.20 of POPcon can download IMAP email. Can it download email from AOL accounts with this?

Yes, POPcon v3.20 can be used to download email from AOL accounts to your Exchange Server. AOL uses IMAP server on. imap.aol.com to allow outside access to their users mailboxes.

This is the POPcon POP3/IMAP server configuration you can use to access your AOL accounts:


As you can see, the server type needs to be set to "IMAP", the IP portnumber consequently is 143 and the server name is imap.aol.com. Use your normal AOL username and password to access your mailbox this way. AOL mailboxes are normally single-user mailboxes, so you should set POPcon to forward the email to a single SMTP-email address.