POPconAdmin does not work or has problems communicating with my POPcon service?

If POPconAdmin does not show any POPcon servers please check the following possible reasons:

  1. The POPconAdmin is already running on that machine, i.e. in a terminal session of if you are on a terminal session on the console itself. There can only be one instance of POPconAdmin running on a machine at any time.
  2. The Windows XP Firewall (if POPconAdmin is running on an XP machine) or the ISA Server Firewall or an external Firewall device is activated and blocking IP communications between POPconAdmin and the POPcon service. Ports 22772..22774 are used, please open these ports for the machine where POPcon is installed.
  3. You are operating with two networking cards and one of them is not connected to the network. Unfortunately it is not possible to have POPcon and POPconAdmin bind to a specific networking card and if they bind to different ones they might not be able to communicate.
  4. The POPcon service was not properly started (should be automatic after the installation) - please check in your control panel - services if the service is running. If there is no POPcon service listed at all: Go to the c:\program files\POPcon folder and double-click POPconSrv.exe. A small maintenance menu wil open. Choose the "install and start service" option to manually install the service.

If all else fails you can make changes to POPcon's configuration in the meantime by using a special admin panel in POPcon's service directly by following this procedure:

  1. Stop the POPcon service (control panel - services). This is important because a running POPcon service would overwrite changes made in step 3!
  2. Start C:\Program Files\POPcon\POPconSrv.exe directly (by doubleclick or start-run)
  3. Choose to administrate the software and do your changes. This admin panel will work directly on the registry settings that are loaded at service startup time by the POPcon service.
  4. Restart the POPcon service.