Distribution Rules in POPcon PRO

Screenshot: POPcon PRO rules engine setup

Using the rule-based distribution system of POPcon, you can have your emails forwarded or CC'ed to alternative recipients or deleted altogether if user-defined conditions are met. On this configuration screen you can add, edit or remove rules. After defining the rules you can use the 'move up' and 'move down' buttons to change the rules' order of execution.

Screenshot: POPcon PRO rule

Detail view of a rule. Rule Name: You can set a name for the rule for easier organization on the main rules page.

Conditions: Define one or more conditions that must be met in order to activate this rule, then define whether all conditions must be met (AND) or at least one must be met (OR) to activate the rule.

THEN: Action part of the rule, what happens when the rule is active - choose between rerouting the email, forwarding a copy of the email or deleting the email altogether.

Screenshot: POPcon PRO rule condition

Example of a condition configuration for a rule.

You can configure if the rule is activated IF or if NOT the condition is met. Possible conditions are a text phrase found in the recipients addresses, the senders address, the subject, the attachment filenames, th full mail text or the mail header fields.