General options in POPcon PRO

Screenshot of general options tab in POPcon PRO

For arriving emails with no valid recipient and other errors a Postmaster needs to be defined. The Postmaster will receive all emails without a valid recipient as well as general POPcon PRO status notifications. It is very important to define a real email address from inside your exchange server here because mails can be lost irretrievably if POPcon PRO forwards some mail with no recipient information to the postmaster and that account does not exist in your exchange server.

The postmaster will not receive all emails to users that do not exist in Exchange. Use the "Re-route mail to unknown recipients" feature on the individual POP3/IMAP account configuration screen. The postmaster address configured here is only used for emails that have NO recipient in your "accepted recipient domains" at all.

A logfile of all POPcon events is maintained c:\program files\POPcon\POPconSrv.log. You can either limit the length of the logfile with the "Single log file with size limit" setting or have POPcon create a fresh logfile named c:\program files\POPcon\POPconSrvDDATE.log each day with the "Daily log files" option on this configuration tab. When the logfile reaches this length, older events will be removed from it once a day.