Advanced configuration options in POPcon PRO

Screenshot: POPcon PRO Advanced configuration options

We collected some advanced special configuration settings on this page. Under normal circumstances POPcon PRO will work best with the default configuration on this page, so please change these settings only if you really need to.

Enable evenlog entries:

You can switch off POPcon PRO eventlog entries here.

Remove string from start of recipient mail address:

With some configurations, POP3 server on the internet tend to prefix recipient mail addresses in some mail headers with constant strings. I.e. instead of passing yourname@yourcompany.com the server will pass superserver-v1_1-yourname@yourcompany.com. In this case you can use this function to remove the constant prefix from the mail addresses. The string is not case-sensitive.

New in POPcon PRO v3.00: Apart from constant strings you now also use PERL-type regular expressions in this function. For example, use "superserver-v\d_\d-" to remove "superserver-v1_1" as well as "superserver-v4_9-" and any other combination of digits. You can use the pipe character ("|") as delimitter between multiple strings to be eliminated. Ask our support if you need help in defining the correct string here.

Remove string from end of recipient mail address:

Just like the "remove string from start" option above, this option removes strings from the end of a recipient email address.

Remove read receipt requests from incommin email:

With this feature enabled POPcon NOTES will remove any read receipt requests from incoming emails.

Processed mail header fields:

POPcon PRO scans the TO, CC and BCC header fields for recipients. In addition to these header fields most of the possible other header fields are also scanned by default. You can uncheck those header fields that do not contain valid recipient addresses. These are the two most often changed options:

Check "received..for" headers for recipient information:

The "received..for" header lines often carry information about the real recipient of an email that are missing in the TO: and CC: headers. BCC-Recipients are often found here. You should switch off this option only if you often have inaccurately delivered emails because of wrong information in the "received..for" headers.

Check "Delivered-TO" headers for recipient information:

The "Delivered-TO" header lines are similar to the "received..for" headers but often carry wrongly formatted addresses. You should switch on this option only if you often have inaccurately delivered emails when the correct information is in fact present in the Delivered-TO headers.

Replacement of domain names

Using this feature, you can have POPcon PRO replace domain names in recipient mail addresses before transferring the email to Exchange. POPcon PRO will only replace the domain name, keeping the address part before the "@" intact. You can use this feature to:

  • Map multiple external internet domains to the same internal domain without adding every external domain to the recipient policies and without adding all the email addresses to each user again.
  • Map an external internet domain to a local internal one without having to add the real internet domain to the Exchange recipient policies and so allowing Exchange to still send email out to the internet to this domain.